Motor Mounts

LoCo Performance Solid Engine Mounts

Infiniti G20 1991 -96 (rear only), Infiniti G20 99-02
Nissan Primera 1990-03

$90 each + shipping *+$25 core charge

  • Material is Nylon
  • 3″ Diameter
  • Press into your oem housings, or I can supply housings.

Get rid of the slop from OEM and aftermarket motor mounts. These LoCo Performance mounts for the G20 will help eliminate wheel hop and harsh engine movement.

LoCo Polyurethane inserts for engine, trans, and crossmember mounts.

Making polyurethane inserts to replace the oem inserts in these mounts now. These are 90a shore, are intended for heavy use, and are a direct press-in swap for the oem inserts. Press the steel ring of the oem mount out, press in these Polyu inserts and you’re good to go.

$75 for each crossmember insert

$90 for each engine or trans insert

Full set discounts do apply, along with pressing service is available.

P10 and 11 crossmember insert